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Awards/ Shortlists/ Longlists

"At night, the 'giant Irish elk' is wandering in the National Museum of Scotland"; longlisted by The Rialto Nature and Place Place Poetry Competition, judged by Ian McMillan.
"Ovation"; 1st prize winner, VERVE Poetry Festival Competition, on the theme "Protest", judged by Kim Moore. 

In this deeply subversive poem, the poet wields satire as a weapon, exposing the fault lines and lies of dictators and the regimes they build around themselves. This poem seemed rich in references as well – I heard echoes of John Donne in here in the repeated ‘Oh my dictator, my dictator’ which made me think of ‘O my America, my newfound land’ and of course Tina Turner later on: ‘Rivers and oceans are deep, but not as deep as the love of a tyrant.’ I think it is a wonderful and original poem in its own right, but to send an ode that apparently lavishes praise on a tyrannical leader into a competition asking for ‘Protest’ poetry was a wonderfully bold and irreverent move.

Kim Moore

As Wild As; shortlisted by Magma Poetry Pamphlet Competition, judged by
Alycia Pirmohamed.
"The Remains of a Waning Crescent Moon"; 2nd prize, Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK)––Hong Kong's Top Story Competition, judged by Xu Xi.
"The Feast"; 1st prize, Professor Shirley G.L Lim Poetry Writing Scholarship, judged by Prof. Shirley G.L Lim herself.
"Why Can't Elephants Fly"; Most Creative Short Story, Hong Kong Writer's Circle Writing Competition.
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